Ultimate Snake Bite Protection: Best Snake gaiters Reviewed

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Being in the outdoors can be a thrilling experience. But when you end up facing a life-threatening ordeal, it’s important to have the right protection. Wearing a pair of snake gaiters will give you that added amount of protection in case you encounter a snake. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best snake gaiters for your next outdoor adventure.

Best Snake Gaiters Reviewed In This Post

How To Choose The Best Snake Gaiters

What Are Snake Gaiters?

Offering the same function as regular gaiters, the best snake proof gaiters will provide much more protection. Just like a regular pair of gaiters, snake gaiters are worn over your shoes or boots along with your lower pant legs, but they also provide protection from snake bites. Originally, they were made of leather, but more recent models are made with synthetic cloth or mixes that are designed to be durable and strong, so they can resist large fangs from snakes like cottonmouths, copperheads, and rattlesnakes.

Is It Still Risky to Wear Snake Gaiters?

Snake gaiters are designed to protect you, but as with everything, being overconfident in their protection could put you at risk. If you believe that you are invincible and try to test their effectiveness too much, you could end up in trouble. Make sure to practice basic safety when snakes could be in the area and don’t do anything that could irritate them.

rattlesnake coiled up on a rock

Features to Look for in a Snake Gaiter


Available in a wide range of materials, snake gaiters are often made with leather, nylon, or plastic since the typical snakebite will be able to penetrate thinner cloth. Snake gaiters are typically made with the most durable materials to ensure that your legs stay protected from snake bites and other injuries.

Nylon vs. Plastic: What kind of snake gaiters are best?

Flexible and strong, nylon is a pretty versatile plastic that features long and repetitive molecular chains. Snake gaiters that are made from nylon are usually lightweight and are durable enough to block a bite from a snake and not expose you to any unnecessary risks. Nylon can resist weathering and sunlight and is not vulnerable to mold. This can be a good material for snake gaiters since they are often worn in a wet environment.

Technically, nylon is a form of plastic, but the plastic that is used in making snake gaiters is less flexible and harder than nylon. It is more like the material used in children’s toys or a trash bin. While some snake gaiters use plastic for construction, it isn’t as common now thanks to the strong variations of nylon that have been developed.


Typically, a pair of snake gaiters will cover your calf and foot. But, if you have purchased low-quality snake gaiters, you may not get all the coverage you need. You will see that some snake gaiters will extend up to your knee while others will only cover part of your calf. Usually, the long snake gaiters are made of higher quality materials and are more expensive than a shorter snake gaiter that is made of plastic.

thorns on branches


Although a snake won’t have the same bite strength as a hippo or crocodile, it is still pretty dangerous and strong. The real deadliness of a snake bite is in the venom, sharpness, and speed of the fangs. Since they won’t break bones with their bite, it’s the venom you should worry about most.

If you want to avoid a snake bite, you want a pair of snake gaiters that are stable and the right number of layers to stop a fang from getting to your skin and transferring their venom. Look for snake gaiters that feature interwoven fibers and that have tight-knit weaving or hard-to-cut materials like nylon or leather. The material should also be durable and strong enough to withstand the intensity or force of a snakebite.


The weight of the snake gaiters can determine if you can move around without a lot of trouble. If you have a breathable piece of material around your leg that won’t constrict your movement, that is precisely what you need.

You will find that synthetic material is lighter than something like leather that can add weight to the boots. Even just a little weight can make it hard to walk long distances. Make sure you find something that is comfortable without sacrificing quality and safety.

Things to Consider While Comparing Snake Gaiters


Always go for trusted brands when it comes to snake gaiters. Naturally, companies with a good reputation have earned trust from consumers through years of trial. You can also check reviews to see what previous buyers think of the gaiters to see if they will be effective when you run into a rattlesnake, thorny plant, or cactus.

prickly pear cactus in the desert


You want a pair of snake gaiters that will fit snug to keep you safe from venomous snakes. Keep in mind that openings will expose you to deadly fangs, so you want a pair of snake gaiters that are adjustable, providing a customized fit. Look for snake gaiters that come with secure straps and a design that is contoured to fit you best.

Layers of protection

You get better protection from several layers. Look at the structure and design of the snake gaiters you are considering to make sure there is enough protection. You always want to consider the type of material and fabric with the main focus on the outer layer, which should be tough and thick.


While you need protection from rattlesnakes, you also want your snake gaiters to be comfortable. It can get really uncomfortable walking around with your legs all sweaty or just wearing a cumbersome pair of snake gaiters. Also, make sure that the pair you choose has the right amount of padding and insulation to keep you safe.

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Best Snake Gaiters Reviews

Crackshot Guardz Gaiters

Ultra-lightweight and comfortable, Crackshot Snake Guardz are snake gaiters that provide metatarsal protection. Using a distinctive design, these leg gaiters protect you from snake bites while also allowing air to circulate between your legs and the boots. Featuring a water-repellant on all fabrics, these snake gaiters ensure that venom will not seep into the Snake Guardz material.

These high-quality snake guards are super comfortable and lightweight, but still durable. The Guardz Gaiters are customizable, long-lasting, and affordable. Easy to wear, you can adjust the fit depending on your leg size.

  • They are easy to adjust to your leg size
  • Comfortable and super affordable snake gaiters
  • These snake gaiters will last you many years
  • The protection on your foot could be a little longer
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Razer Gaiters Snake Gaiters

Providing great protection while camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting, the Razer Gaiters Snake Gaiters only weigh 13 ounces and are contoured to fit around your calves. Featuring a toe cover that protects your boot laces, you get a total of 12-inches of protection from snake bites plus an added five inches over the top of your foot.

Using 1000 denier nylon, Razer Gaiters are equipped with polycarbonate inserts that will stop sticks, thorns, briars, cactus needles, and snake fangs from puncturing the boot. Using 13 individual panels, these gaiters will wrap around your ankles, calves, and lower legs. They are adjustable using buckles and straps and can fit calves between 13 and 20 inches in diameter.

Portable and lightweight, these snake gaiters come with their own nylon storage bag that features heavy-duty construction and a drawstring cinch-cord. Easy to move in, the Razer Gaiters are great for anyone that works or plays in the woods, such as landscapers, ranchers, hikers, forest rangers, utility workers, hunters, and loggers. Tested to ASTM F1342-05, which is an evaluation of the puncture-resistance of protective clothing, these snake gaiters can withstand snakes and harsh conditions to keep you safe. Additionally, they have been evaluated in compliance with ASTM D5420-16, which evaluates impact-resistance.

  • They are easy to adjust to your leg
  • They give you a lot of bite protection
  • They are easy to walk around in
  • A little heavy for long hikes
  • There still is an opening at the ankle that is not protected when wearing low profile work shoes
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ForEverlast Snake Guard

Perfect for either women or men, ForEverlast Snake Guards protect your legs from snake bites while you are hiking, camping, or hunting. Available in a real tree APG camouflage design, these are lightweight shields that give you peace of mind so you can enjoy the outdoors. Featuring a stylish design and color pattern, they can work with pretty much any purpose or environment.

Tough against snake bites, ForEverlast Snake Guard protects from snake venom. These lightweight guards are form-fitting and easily fit over pants. They also protect you from thorns and sharp sticks, so they are a great choice for hunting and hiking.

  • Contain a thin metal plate
  • Will fit over most types of boots
  • They are heavy, so your legs will sweat
  • The adjustment buckle can slip loose
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TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters

Protecting you from snake bites in the woods or desert, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters keep your lower legs safe from venomous bites, as well as non-fatal bites that can cause long-lasting damage and severe pain. Made out of polyester and high-strength fibers, these snake gaiters offer a super-tight patented weave.

Only weighing 6 ounces, these snake gaiters are not bulky, stiff, or heavy. TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters are still strong enough to repel even large rattlesnakes. They offer a reversible design and measure 20-inches high.

These foldable snake gaiters make them easy to pack or save on storage space. Both windproof and waterproof, the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters are actually tested using live rattlesnakes helping to ensure your safety.

  • Super lightweight, they won’t weigh your legs down as you wear them
  • Tested using live rattlesnakes
  • They are easy to pack and store
  • They are a little expensive
  • They have zippers that can be difficult to use and do not work reliably
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Tuff Shins

These plastic snake leggings come in one size. Tuff Shins are the original Plastic Shin Gaiter Protection, and they are made in the USA. Tried and tested for over 45 years, Tuff Shins use a single piece of plastic to mold these snake gaiters.

The fastest Shin protection available, Tuff Shins are easy to put on and take off. Lightweight and waterproof, they do not use Velcro straps or ties. With their plastic construction, they simply wrap around your leg staying on without any bindings. These snake gaiters are the perfect way to protect your legs when you are hunting, doing yard work, or working on a construction site.

Protecting you from sand spurs, flying debris, weed trimmers, and snake bites, Tuff Shins measure 15-inches high in the back and 19-inches high in the front. They also collapse easily within each other for storage.

  • You can use them for many different activities
  • They are waterproof and lightweight
  • They collapse down, so you can pack them easily
  • They are really warm on your legs on hot days
  • They need a strap to keep them more secure
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Top Choice for the Best Snake Gaiters

The winner of the best snake gaiters are the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters. Keeping your lower legs safe from venomous bites, these snake gaiters also protect you from non-fatal bites that can cause long-lasting damage and severe pain. Made out of polyester and high-strength fibers, these snake gaiters offer a super-tight patented weave.

Only weighing 6 ounces, these snake gaiters are still strong enough to repel even large rattlesnakes. They offer a reversible design and measure 20-inches high, and their foldable design makes them easy to pack or save on storage space. Both windproof and waterproof, the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters are actually tested on live rattlesnakes helping to ensure your safety. The definite winner of the best snake gaiters are the TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters hands down.

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